Gaz Age - Age of Nuclear :(

Design by kako64

Gaz Age - Age of Nuclear :( by kako64 on Threadless
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hehehehe! very nice!


change the 2 or z to an s

kako64 profile pic Artist

OutaSpaceIllustration, well very happy to see your "science". But I learn all that your write at school like you ^_^

But I explain u the deal:

I wanted to make a joke words (on the word's sound) getting closer to the title of the film: Ice Age.

On the other hand the nuclear power seems to be more dangerous than electric power, and it is exactly for it that I chose background nuclear power plants, because it's maybe the nuclear power which will cause our loss to all !

That is what we call an illustration: an illustration does not want to be a reflection of the reality but rather an interpretation which by its elements summarizes a concept or a situation. Look one minute at all the visuals published here and you will find an astronomical quantity of "illogical" illustrations.

Vagner Love

poooooooooor Scrat..

I'd buy it anyway...5+

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