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Clever ! It just needs some better colors and the locations of each foodorgan could be a bit closer to the where human organs are ( let the hamburger overlap the hot dog more and have the top of the fries touching the bottom of the hot dog ). Let's see if I get this right : hamburger = liver, hot dog = stomach, chicken leg and pizza slice = Small intestine, and the French fries = Large intestine. Very good first submission by the way.

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Thank you helo. What kind of colours should I use do you reckon? I found the colours etc quite difficult.

Nah its not a fetus its meant to be ur digestive system. I used an image of the digestive system and drew the shapes around it maybe my one isnt quite as accurate as that one.


Keep the French fries that yellow color and use some of it on the pizza for cheese. The dark brown works well for the line work -- and it should be the hamburger meat color too. The grey poupon color could be changed to the light brown found on buns. Also, Threadless is allowing designers to use 5 colors till Jan 1st 2007. So you can come up with two more colors to finish it off.

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thank you very much :)

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