Gas Revo

Design by bortwein

Gas Revo by bortwein on Threadless
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Rock-Deputy profile pic Alumni

I like that you've kept the colour palettes simple for your Revolution designs.. it's really made it into a 'series'.


bortwein: your work is really refreshing to me, keep it up:)


can nobody else see "GAS?"


I like the camo. Now that I found the word 'gas' I can't stop seeing it. Nice design!

bortwein profile pic Artist

Sorry, but I disagree with a number of your comments LOSMATTOCKS. I do think I would clean up the pump lines just a bit more after looking back at the design.

bortwein profile pic Artist

Way too much camo is because IT IS CAMO!

bortwein, at 8:11pm on Dec 13, 2005
Yeah gas that forms a sort of Urban Camouflage Pattern.

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