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Monkey X
Monkey X profile pic Artist

"Chewing gum is okay"

Yup those are real pieces of chewed gum, that I recycled and photographed! Talk about dirrrrrty...

The trend for 2010 would be tees embracing the use of photos in combination with typography. It could be a more editorial piece or something like a cover shoot. It can make use of bold and weird statements/thoughts. Funky, sexy and fashionable tees will become more popular. Mark my words and chew on that thought for a while :)


Nice work with the gum!

Ivantobealone profile pic Alumni

Superb! Would wear it!

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

yesssssssssssss pleaseeeeeeeee

Monkey X
Monkey X profile pic Artist

off course here's a detail:

aled profile pic Alumni

This great, Tan.

aled profile pic Alumni

I'd would have given it a 5$ earlier, but I read the comment above and ended up going to titanguy's submission instead.


Tonteau profile pic Alumni

Unlucky dude. It's a cool idea, but I think the gum looks a bit pixelated on the edges.

aled profile pic Alumni

^ this is true. The submission image isn't great quality and that probably didn't help.

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