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Game Time by vector_guy on Threadless
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very nice - the blue on black combo is wicked good :D

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni
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Black on blue = 5$ from me for all the fun play-time memories smashed together. Great idea and great execution!


yeah, i like the blue~ $5

renfrue profile pic Alumni

the blue ftw!


I thought it was a terrier too! Prefer the blue.



Yes, the voters have spoken.

Closet Weevil

The Knight looks a lot like a dog. I actually was confused at first, honest. All you need to do is widen the snout towards the end and lengthen it. I would also ignore the ear, because knight silhouettes have stiff manes right? Curve the neck more in the back, the head could be a little rounder, or make it look like it does have that stiff mane. I absolutely love it, but I definitely do think you should work on the head. Like you said though, it's pretty easily fixed.

Closet Weevil

Oh also, I like blue on black but I think it shouldn't be such a saturated blue.


vector_guy, I think one reason people may think of a dog is because with the large chess Queen piece in that exact position and angle, it gives the illusion of an ear. I DID see a knight at first glance, but I looked again when I saw the comments, and then I saw the terrier.

Might be wrong, was just an idea of the issue some people are having. :)

Anyway, I don't play chess, so wouldn't wear it, but it's still a total 5!


blue one ftw. $4

alvarejo profile pic Alumni

clever, i think this is a well thought design


love all three colors. the only thing is at first i thought it was the outline of a dog with weapons instead of game pieces

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