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Galactic Pool by kenchikugishi on Threadless
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Hi my name is

I've noticed that you either have a lot of cool friends that all joined on October 12th to score your designs especially on your other or something is a little odd


@Hi my name is,

If I'm not mistaken you receive an e-mail that encourages you to advertise your submission on your blog, and whatnot, resulting hopefully in new members to the community. Not sure what's odd, or for that matter bad, about that.

Awesome t-shirt, nonetheless.

Jemae profile pic Alumni

BTW, i don't care much what people talked/will talk about this sub! i just came here to say i like it or not!
come on guys.. free our mind.. let’s not stop people's creativity! ...we are here to vote and comment to get a better designs and with all consensus on should be the printed design! :D

Hi my name is

It's the first time I noticed something like that. I didn't say you made up fake accounts to score your stuff all I said was: I've noticed that you either have a lot of cool friends that all joined on October 12th to score your designs especially on your other or something is a little odd. What I was implying is that it was odd. And in your response you obviously have a lot of cool friends that did that for you which means you bribed them (just kidding). Also let me not be confused with someone that thinks you stole the idea because if I did I would put a link to the other design. Just so you know I personally think this idea is pretty good the execution could have been a little better. Also I gave you a 3

Edword profile pic Alumni

one of the better ideas in the luvs comp.

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

i like this one! ... and not because u mentioned on ur comment on my sub that u like my designs no ass-kissin here :D

serously dude it's like this in here. u'll get the idea when u look at my sub's comments. haha! u better be thick-skinned a little bit as long as u know it's an original idea. keep up the good work!


the elbow looks weird, but that could just be 'cause he's an alien and has weird arms. but I like the concept!


it's quite an education to wade through the comments here.

I like this a lot; I know that my son (7 and into science) would love it. I don't care for the light colors but anything darker would overwhelm the design.


put saturn on the sleeve

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

The only thing this reminds me of is a lyric from Pharaoh Monch on De La Soul's first AOI album, "I play pool with the planets", which i always thought was an incredible lyric. But i hardly say that qualifies as stealing! lol. I like this concept a lot, i just wish there was some color and the entire galaxy imitated or exxagerated with all the other balls on the table, or all of them were getting sucked into the pockets which could be represented with black holes. But overall nice work.

and screw the haters who said you ripped something off unless they provide proof.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Yeah, resub this one dude. I love the idea, just needs some touching up and a few additions, and maybe on a green tee? And make the sun fierier!


I like :) I would like it more on darker colours though - anything but white! - and great spin on the Comebacks theme. :)


On gray and id get it

DrawingEvils profile pic Alumni

It's nothing wrong with inviting friend to vote your submission. geez Hi My Name Is

goodluck man ;)


Cool. Instantly made me think of Red Dwarf. Can't believe you've never seen it ! Don't know what yer missing! Search you tube for Red Dwarf and pool and you'll probably find it. 3

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

thanks for showing support on my designs. hope this does good as well! :)

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