Future Presidents

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Future Presidents by BasicShift on Threadless
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Kojima profile pic Alumni

Robot Abe is the coolest.
The GIF is blinking too fast!!!

BasicShift profile pic Artist

Sorry Kojima... file size got me to cut the time a little for each frame...

I really need to get skilled in flash like you sir! Would solve my troubles for sure...

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

the frames are a bit too fast, but luckily the colors arent blindly bold, so it still isnt too hard to look at the design while its changing...nice illustration

the czar

Very Nice, like the yellow flames on the sagestone $5


i like the first one with the green on it...original


Robo Lincoln for the win.
I like the classic torso with the robot body, very cool.


lol, genius! ^_^

What's he saying, though?

BasicShift profile pic Artist

Its his gettysburg address in a hybrid binary / english format..

4 110 ,011 110

I think hes managed to sputter out 4 and part of an "s" in score

herky profile pic Alumni

nice illustration.


Reminds me of Futurerama. Great illo!


haha yeah! LOVE IT!

Plus it reminds me of Invincible where Abe is now a super hero called The Immortal.


thINK profile pic Alumni

Loving the robot


Awesome design.

BasicShift profile pic Artist

Hey Everyone -- Craig was nice enough to let me submit a slower version of this ... so no more seizures!

BasicShift profile pic Artist

Mike Mignola has been a huge influence on a lot of my work --
I think a lot of artists feel that way today.
I can say that the show mentioned on sci-fi is very true to Mignola's style which is great....

Although to give some further insight this was a doodle that I just spiffied up a bit for the contest -- I was feeling patriotic after doing the statue of liberty - and was playing around with the idea that in the future we'd all have "robot babes" to love us -- then I made Mr. Robot Abe!


take off the text


god damn you are good

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