future man

Design by travis76

future man by travis76 on Threadless
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I think it'd be way better without the planet.

the whole man/suit/robot idea and execution is incredible, lose the red dot on the big blue robot and the plantery action and I'd buy in baby blue for sure.


yeah I see what you are saying, makes sense, maybe if the planet was one solid color, solid red for example.


nice one 5!


I think this is easily the best design in the WIRED competition. I like that planet, but I have to agree about lousing that big red dot, I see what your doin’ with it, but it doesn’t really fit. Oh, and the black Pwns. 5+$


I love the robots, but id prefer without the planet and keep the red eye

Mr Rocks

Yeah, Trav. I agree with me mate ROBSOUL, and I stiil really dig this. Another 5 from me..


its defintely one of the best wired entries ive seen. definitely best on black.

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