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Future Family by harpo25 on Threadless
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FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Glad to see people will be bringing back the David Bryne "Big Suit" style to the busines world! Cute idea, but possibly a bit too subtle with just the hovering car and the pets just peeking out from behind the 60's-ish family portrait. Really sweet house and good drawing style, and im impressed by how much you have imporved both artistically and conceptually as of late. Keep working on this one with some more subtle but important gadgets, and maybe a laser on the top of the house and everyone wearing more "futuristic" looking glasses. 3.


In the future, everyone will be ugly and visually impaired?


sweet hey zeus, i love it! it reminds me of this wacky series of books i used to have when i was a kid.


great idea. i love it.

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

great scene 5

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

I want to fly away with this car. :)


i like it. i'm glad you're moving towards a more detailed style with your designs.


in the future, due to inbreeding everyone will need glasses, and will have killed their pets out of inbread rage......
i like it 5


cooooool car !

I like how you used patterns to work the 5 colors
so it appears that you're using more than 5 colors


Wouldn't that be a bit cramped on a T-shirt?

ryeofcali profile pic Alumni



This design just hits me right. I love it!


moms got some weird bewbs


Duke Kettai

There's a little too much on for me to like it, but it's not bad at all! I'm sure there are lots of people who would like it.

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