Furniture Flagship

Design by Glennz

Furniture Flagship by Glennz on Threadless
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zipperking profile pic Alumni

I dont' know, it really seems to lack compared to your office aircraft carrier.


i like it a lot better than the office one. 5$

dacat profile pic Alumni

Wow you are a machine

the czar

Really cool but I think the concept is too similar to your other design "the war at work". (Which I do have)

g-regulate profile pic Alumni

your work is so freaking clean ! 5

R_G profile pic Alumni

this is too cool for me... I like ugly things, this is so beautiful i dont want it and my brain tries not to understand it.

R_G profile pic Alumni

damn cool 5$

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

I think your message is lost in this one Glennz, it doesn't instantly strike ones self as to what it actually is until one reads the title.

I imagine the best way to do it to fix that would be to do it like those old ship pictures, or basically to label it underneath. Still I don't think it's as conceptually strong as most of your others.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I would love this more if i hadn't already been in love and worn your aircraft carrier office supply shirt about 50 times already. it's wierd to see you repeating concepts, and i don't think this holds up as well to your other design. It's a fantastic drawing and i get what you are going for, but it's not something i would purchase when you have already fulfilled this idea in t-shirt form for me so well in the past. I never want you to stop trying and submitting tho, Glennzy ol' boy.


modern art concepts put to a t-shirt? dunno I like but it loose all the spatial impact of the real thing... 4 though ;)


i dig


This is definitely a weaker design than most of yours, Glennz. I had to read the title to get it and even then, it only resolves at all in the placement view... if I squint. While the execution is generally good, the blanket is inconsistent with the realism of the rest and should be more blanket-like and less "this is supposed to be water!" I'm not entirely clear on what the concept is supposed to be though: folks moving and they've stacked their furniture in a random way that happens to look like a ship? If it's supposed to be the result of kids playing, kids would never build a boat that they can't climb in or on. Overall my reaction is just "oh, I see" rather than "cool!"


Nostalgic love.
I simply have got to make myself a cubby over these holidays.

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