Fur Ladies

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Fur Ladies


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This design is created after I watch a video clips about the fox fur "Production" last day, it's really crazy:( The fox is still alive after thier skin took off by the human, then they throw it beside and continue for the second fox.....

For the fur supporter, do you think this "fur" is cool? Maybe you will said "Yes", becuase you guys are use to be wear a "skin" on your body...

speedyjvw profile pic Alumni



wow that's really disturbing, although beautifully done


Love it! I love foxes sooooo much


I love this.

I was thinking of doing the same- but I was gonna use a baby around a seal xD I want this! Not on white- creme please. $5

Recycledwax profile pic Alumni

great concept! smart!


interesting concept for this comp... brilliant! would prefer it centred... just to drive the point home

abeadle profile pic Alumni

Wow! Very nice $5


It would be interesting to see how it looked without the face showing; that is, having it be more subtle by only showing limbs and hair...

Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist

For those who want to watch to video, please click HERE, is damn sad:(

P/s: No political comment please after you watch this video, "No Demand, No Killing"

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

great work. love the idea and execution.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

I would not buy on natural but would on khaki or white.

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

I couldn't watch the entire video... coz it reminded me another one on dogs and cats tortured in Korea and it had made me sick for so long... 5 for this design.


Just excellant.



le_hell profile pic Alumni



Her white eyes and mouth are really creeping me out... I think you have one more color, perhaps you could fill them in with a darker brown or darker red? It would make more sense.

Anyway, wonderful job!

mezo profile pic Alumni

Gorgeous! I love the style. This design deserves to be BIGGER when it gets printed. 5$


Freakin' awesome. 5$

SomethingMore, you....do realize that that's a woman's skin, not an actual woman, right?

Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist

Crazy cat gal, thanks for your support. Sissy Nat, that's a actual woman skin in my design, but sure no one will use a human skin as a fur in our real life. You can read more on my blog.

Thanks for all comments so far, I'm really appreaciate it.


very nice, i find myself enjoying myself, while looking at this

Ava Adore

well done, very nice :D

ladykat profile pic Alumni

Awesome, disturbing, probably not for me but good work. I agree with mezo, it should be larger.


Jeebus! Why would anyone skin an animal alive? Even disregarding moral objections, it must be easier to just kill it first. I guess the fur business attracts psychos who enjoy torturing animals.

This winter I've seen a lot of young women wearing giant fur hats. It sickens me. Also, they look pretty stupid.

This is not a political statement.

As for the design this is very well done indeed, but the colours are a bit too muted for my taste. If you're gonna make a bold statement you might as well go all out.


I have seen that video before. Very hard to watch, and just remembering it as I saw the link to the video made my heart start beating faster.
I think people wearing fur of any kind looks so remarkably tacky, no to mention the obvious fact that it's so wrong.

Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist

They should kill them before.....

Maybe this sub is a bit creepy for some people, sorry guys. The fox in my design is inhumane as the farmer in the video . I just want to let the people who like fur imagine that, if one day the animal also looking a human skin as the fur, what the going to do, still cool??

And I think for the people saw the video are definitely won't wear fur. I hope this design can bring out a similar message too.

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"It is just a way of pointing out the cruelty of how fur is obtained, and the cruelty of those who wear it. "

Kojima profile pic Alumni

odd but cool!


This is probably the most offensive thing I'd wear, but I'd definitely wear it. 5$

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Well done, and very effective. I love the expression on the fox's face.

The angle of the woman's head might be a little odd. I get that it's just her skin, but it looks like she's using her neck muscles to hold her head up, instead of just sagging down dead.

staffell profile pic Alumni

this is so kennn


Great idea and the placement on the T-shirt works really well but I would change the colour of the woman's skin. I think it clashes with the rest of the picture.

grayehound profile pic Alumni

i'm not sure what i like more, the design or the view of it on the shirt. amazing drawing and perfect placement!

Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist

Actually already 5 colours using on this design, 3 colours on the fox and 2 colour on the ladies (skin and hair).


If there's some way of giving the woman eyeballs, given that you've hit your color limit, I think that would work better. I think of fox stoles as having either shut eyes or cheesy glass/plastic fake eyes.

Plus it would heck tons creepier.

ysy101 profile pic Alumni

I love the fox!


They neeeeeed to print this.

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kill you- it worked!!!! congrats FM, nicely done!!!!


totally agree, its wrong. All animal cruelty is wrong. great concept.

happy tofu

I realize I'm about a zillion years late, but in response to kidaro, they skin animals alive because they are more pliable and less stiff. Think about dressing Barbie dolls--they're tough to maneuver. Also, it costs more and is simply more work to go through and kill them all first. Sad, but true.
Thank you flying mouse for letting people know about the fur industry. This is a great design.

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