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outline profile pic Artist

a (sort of) resub of my first design. the speech bubbles will be a gradient :)

this design comes with a complimentary dose of cliche themes of peace. enjoy!

outline profile pic Artist

well it is basically a design to advocated peace- where the vicious animals' roars turn into delicate/quiet birds.

i don't want to say it is anti-war or anything, but its more like turning aggression into peace. you don't have to large and loud to get things done, ect. :)


That's pretty cool looking! Looks even better on the shirt example.


I think this is my favorite of your designs! Majorly improved from your first submission.
I love the cool monochromatic color scheme, and then the placement wins me over completely.


outline profile pic Artist

hey, i'm all about the good-lookin cliches.

and thanks for the comments guys!


The top-layer on the animals (the shadow-shapes) doesnt feel quite right to me. I get hung up on the animals, they just dont convince me yet. Otherwise, it is a fantastic design, with good placement, and a nice sense of movement.

(check out my critique) http://www.threadless.com/critique/26015/Mechanical_Bird_Child


youre such a pretty bird


outline profile pic Artist

haha turbolucy, thats a definitely a way you can look at it. it's not poetic..its...uh...vicious! rawr!

thanks for the comments guys... :)


interesting colors & design....nice job!


This looks pretty awesome on the shirt, nice job!


wow very cool.

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