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full abstraction by geraud76 on Threadless
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This is great. I know a lot of painters who would be into this t-shirt, but I think that you should take out the walking people.


I think the problem w/the people is that it leads you out of the image & not into it. Very cool design regardless!


second MrGallagher, my thoughts exactly!

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

I don't have as much of a problem with the people as I do with the text. If it's abstract, it shouldn't have to be telling you that it is.

Daniel Braha

its totally absolutely perfect except for several things, including the text which should be removed immediately for several reasons.

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

yeah teh fact that its not abstract but rather "absolute random" kinda bugs me besides that I think teh composition is solid


Cool design! I agree that the you should lose the text and get rid of the people walking out of it. It does take away from the design because the people are leading your eyes from the image.

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