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I like this too. Good sequence. Maybe adding a second chair opposite the guy would help.


that reminds me of sic transit gloria... glory fades by brand new... i think it's awesome!


it looks like a drummer

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thanks for all the comments, eyeryone.

at first i was going to have another figure seated in the first instance, or maybe walking away. then, i decided that i convey this emotion all the time without anyone around to see it... so, it's not that he's been abandoned, but that he's frustrated at being alone in the first place. there is not even a possibility (a second chair) someone is going to sit down across from him. there's also a version of the guy at a desk, and of the guy building a model plane, but i thought the dinner table would be more universal.

if i add another chair i'd have to shrink the whole composition that much more to fit it it into each instance (i like how the image expands in each frame and i'd hate to lose that), and the design is small enough as it is. it might work better though, despite my bullshit excuse/explanation. i'll definitely try to perfect it if the need arises.


That is awesome! I love the yellow on black


the model airplane idea is way off....this is more universal and symbolizes frustration without explaining it............keep it simple


maybe have one of a person throwing a remote at the tv or throwing himself out the window............


great idea, and love the whole design. simple yet effective.

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ah... thanks again for voting everyone!

i have viewed the brand new video that is being compared to my artwork, and yeah, i see what you are all getting at... in the video the band members tip over tables while under apparent mental control from their lead singer. at least the whole video is not about table flipping, just one tiny sequence.

i guess i'll try adding another chair if only to please everybody... most people's comments are comments only without criticism. red silhouettes would look good on black, but i picked yellow instead because it's not anger i am trying to convey (although i don't know how to equate frustration with yellow either). i understand what ronlewhorn is saying about the placement, but the above graphic is a flat object on a screen, not truly representative of a real shirt. i certainly wouldn't want my art in people's armpits.


i like i the way it is. wait till its been fully scored and then see whether you want to add another chair. threadless might go with it the way it is.

remember, you cant please everybody. there are constant disagreements on this site about people saying "i dont like stuff centred" others are "centre it". some like it on a certain colour of tshirt, others dont. some want things bigger, others want things smaller.

5 and buy for me. well done.


I think using only the final segment would be strong enough...if you're concerned with the length of it.

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please read my previous comments about adding a chair...

now, with two sets of chairs, would everyone suggest adding two sets of everything else? basically everything doubled except the flower vase and the guy? it's gonna get really crowded after i add all that stuff, and i think it'll lose a lot of it's simplicity.

postscript ROT

dudes. frickin print this shirt so i can buy it plz


I don't think you should add a second chair. For starters, it would really clutter the the picture. Secondly, I like that there's only one chair because it really isolates the man, almost like this action is occuring in a vacuum. And, as everyone else has said, yellow on black is the best.


amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing! God I love this. I must have this. I will buy! you get a 6 from me.

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