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What better represents "Pre Loved" than old toys?

The idea for "From Young Gentleman" , besides being heavily influenced by Young Flapjack
was about like the toys of a previous generation - about not only the love they held towards them but the values that they represent.
Like how today kids have Construction toys, or fake power tools - kids should be handymen and tough and stuff.

Technical Stuff:
I'm not sure how transparent the Simulated Process inks are; the pattern and the sheep are two separate layers, if needed I can select the Toy layer and delete it from the pattern layer.

And thanks for your help in the critique!

Bigger file (There's no animation, GIF was too big :[ )


Hah, thought of Flapjack before reading you description. Nice design!

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-Awesome! Got approved and everything in only one day! Does that mean the staff liked it?


They may have liked it, but it seems as though they were trying to get all the preloved stuff out before the weekend. They dumped about 5 pages worth onto the site in two days, as opposed to the 10 or so designs per day of preceding weeks.

It's quite sweet, but you might have tried wallpapering the whole shirt? It seems a bit lost. Too late for critiques though, right?


Don't worry man you've clearly got skill. Just keep submitting!

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