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jublin profile pic Artist

I'm thinking the flowers could be in some sort of puffy ink. If you're into that kind of stuff.


Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

whenever I press one of your !'s I have a seizure

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

oh my eyes! haha.

this looks really nice.


I like the continuous print in the background, but absolutely can't stand the flowers ( I thought they were stick figures until I read your post ) it's too bad, they really take away from the whole thing.



I got really scared by the exclamation point eeee.


The distressed fleur de lis knives look amazing, and people need to stop being such cowards when it comes to A) patterns on (Threadless) T-Shirts, and B) Puffy ink. Bust out the puffy ink and let it puff up! Those stick-flowers are eye-catching, simple, and very cool.

Vote 5 on this everyone, or you're out of your minds!



i'm torn... i like the overall pattern... and the idea of a coloured spot illustraion... but i dont like the actual spot illustration... it's just not catching my eyes....


i just read some of the comments... and anyone who references a pseudo star (aka Rob) as someone who would "totally wear this shirt 'cause its a skate shirt" needs both their kneecaps shot right the hell off. wtf does being a pro effing skater have to do with WHAT YOU WEAR?! real fsckers dont dress the part... they ARE the part. a real skater wouldnt care about what he was wearing unless he was trying to impress all the "fly shawties".... scoff

take your hero-worship elsewhere. this is a design forum, not a skate fandom.

flame off.



patterns and puffy and jubbsy ohmy!

WanderingBert profile pic Alumni

So...I had this should like so totally use PUFFY INK.

It just came to me.

steven218 profile pic Alumni

liking it a lot



love the way this turned out puff ink daddy!

Tonteau profile pic Alumni

Haha, you made mezo wear a belt print!


fleur de lis killing spree!

Lupencia profile pic Alumni

clever pattern :)

jublin profile pic Artist

thanks gus. guys. i dont know what a skate shirt is, but i do know that i was just trying to do new stuff here. the revolution is OVER, but we might as well work on new stuff that threadless doesn't see too often. I'm sick of coming up with sunday morning comic strips and slapping them on a shirt. What is this? CAFEPRESS?! I can understand if you don't like the pattern or you don't like the flowers, that's just personal taste i suppose.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Awesome belt print, but im not such a fan of the clash in designs of the smaller blue flowers. I thought at first they were baby rattles caught in an eyelash! Which wouldn't be a bad thing exactly artistically...


this would look stupid on me. Thanks for MAKING ME LOOK STUPID!!!!



really dig (haha punny) the gardening tools as the belt print


i really love the style of the design (mix of belt print & fuzzy Blue flowers) and I love the color combo - nicely done :)

adam antium
adam antium profile pic Alumni

me like it!
and hey! who's that hawt model?! ;)

abeadle profile pic Alumni

I think I like your model best of all $5

ladrones profile pic Alumni

tumbs up with an american flag behind me

Luke... profile pic Alumni

super sweet



hot model too. the shirt's alright. I GUESS.

sike, i love it, and the seizures.


get rid of the flower things and you have your self a really sweet all over print - it stands on its own better.

jublin profile pic Artist

the flowers can just be a velcro patch that comes with the shirt. you can take it on and off as you please. it will attach anywhere to the shirt and you can even put it on funny places so that you attract more attention. it's like a game! HAHA!


wow.... nice nice nice! i definately want this!



I put $ on some shirts that I actually wouldn't buy. I'd wear the shit out of this

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

i want this shirt, and lets not do puffy, what about suede or something all sensual for the ladies 5$

jublin profile pic Artist

haha you must not have clicked on the "!" jeff. If you did, then you shouldn't be able to resist the puffy.

i can get down with the suede. let's do that instead. thanks for the votes and comments everyone. i appreciate all the honest feedback i'm getting from this.

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