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been done so many times...but i still like it

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

hehehe...did you set this up on a fridge before illustrating it? Very cute and so much better than that "i want to be friends" shirt that was printed a few weeks ago.

eskimokiss profile pic Artist

aw.. i liked steve's "i want to be friends" shirt.
Actually, I created random word tiles in illustrator (hundreds of them) and then made some random junk up.

steven218 profile pic Alumni

nah frickin awesome(!) is right, this is way better than mine!

$5'd yet again fella.


Dude, that is hilarious! It's like nonsensical humor, exactly the kind of thing I like wearing; hope it gets printed : )


i love how yall are so nice. FAMILY HUG! anyway, I do like this, and the fact that the words are at different angles. spiffy! (P.S. Steve, I liked your shirt too.)


"surprise," not "suprise"

cbuchholz profile pic Alumni

It's awesome. I think it's actually pretty well written. 5$

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

yes! this is so good


i got the magnetic poetry diss kit for christmas, it's great. although i think i misplaced it already.

herky profile pic Alumni

simple, yet awesomely executed. great stuff.

eskimokiss profile pic Artist

no, i've copied refridgerators all around the world

staffell profile pic Alumni



i love fridge magnets. cute idea!

mezo profile pic Alumni

Too many words. Would this shirt have a copy of Cliff's Notes to go with it? 5$

eskimokiss profile pic Artist

with the subs now popping up in the blogs, i somehow feel compelled to respond to comments :/

There's an abridged version for you here mez.


Who is eskimokiss. A man not restricted by a "style".
Pound for pound no doubt one of the better designers on this site.
A broad range of styles is refreshing. Yet you an enigma. Nothing of value on your website, wasting all those hits, people who want to see your next idea. Is this man a recluse? What are you hiding Eskimo? The world is eager to see your stuff. just do it for your fans.


This shirt has to much writing on it that is too encourages people to spend a lot of time looking at your chest...unless the goal is to have a lot of attention grabbing small words on your chest?!


it's a 5 but I'd have to agree with the person above me


PRINT THIS Threadless! please? : (

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