Fresh water (catharsis)

Design by ladykat

Fresh water (catharsis) by ladykat on Threadless
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ladykat profile pic Artist

ma17 - what got me going was the thought of the calm (peace) after the storm (hate)... how we can move on from hate, and how getting past hate or turmoil can play a role in helping us grow.


love the style, but not the person at the river. 4

fc gravy

this is sweet :)

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

Wow! Thats awsome. I'd definately buy one! $5
I really love the lower placement. So much more flattering on girls than some of the higher up prints.

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

looks even better on those shirts


$5, very nice!

ladykat profile pic Artist

thanks for all the great comments! i keep going back and forth on which placement i prefer... suggestions are good!

d3d profile pic Alumni

really pretty design. i like the tree a lot, and both placements look good.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

This is downright purty...I've never been a fan of extreme lower placement, so it's DEF middle of the shirt for me! I have no problem with the person, but might I suggest the storm to look a bit more foreboding in the background to make the peacfeulness and serenity of the foreground ever more contrasting and more potent towards the theme of the contest? Grrrrrrreat entry, Ladykat!

ladykat profile pic Artist

:-) thanks! fics - no, demeter hasn't been printed. (alas.) sometimes it helps to post additional comments under the original submission or make blogs about it in the forum, so threadless knows there's interest.


Love the tree!


it looks good with the bottom placement.
i dont really like the middle.<br /> but its a fantastic design.

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