Freeing Speech

Design by murraymullet

Freeing Speech by murraymullet on Threadless
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Best design I have seen yet.

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

i love the simplicity.


i am thrilled with the idea. good execution.

murraymullet profile pic Artist

Thanks for the feedback. I wonder if this shirt could come with a speech bubble balloon? I would like one.

murraymullet profile pic Artist

I have been a fan of banksy for a long time. I knew about this and the possible similarities. My idea though has it's own legs. If you are trying to say this is a cheat I don't think you really took the time to see what I was trying to say.

murraymullet profile pic Artist

Thanks for the feedback. Glad you like the idea. I am sorry Micchelo that you are fixated on the idea that I might be copying Banksy. I am sure he appreciates you protecting his work but I really had no intention of making it look like his work. This is a different execution of a different idea.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Not at ALL the same idea as the banksy sub listed above. I'd like the speech bubble to be a bit more accentuated at the mouth connection point, but only slightly. And maybe the girl with her hand out more waving goodbye? But i'd buy it as is right now based on concept and placement alone for a quick 4$!


I think the placement of the balloon in the second version is much better... I'd put a $5 on that version

murraymullet profile pic Artist

I appreciate the feedback. I think closer doesn't give the balloon enough effect of leaving or floating away. I think I am starting to like the second version a bit better. Thanks for the feedback. I think if it runs it will be near the shoulder, as in the second version.


I think the balloon would look better off center, on the shoulder...Id buy it!

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