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Lady Liberty has taken over
Superman's job !

I'm not sure what to say about
the two towers in the background.

I keep thinking of orange
tic tacs when looking at this.


maybe diferent colors would be beter
but i like the whole idea..
umm.. but the 2 towers? arnt they dead like alredy?

but good job.


WELL in a way its cool but why the two towers, why not sear's toweerr...its just that it hints at thwe taboo....too many people died there...not appealing idea but good design...


i dont like the text

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

"oooh dear. world trade center. NOT a good idea. "

get over it already.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

and worldinyour eyes

I would think that the fact that he/she doesn't have a father anymore is reminder enough. If someone gets offended over 2 rectangles in the shape of previously existing buildings they need to wake up to themselves. It's not like theres a nazi symbol on the horizon or anything.


I think it just makes the situation worse when people start to censor out things like that. I mean, christ. It's like when all the movies made around that time started digitally editing out the towers from the films. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I mean, what do you want? Do you want people to forget they ever existed? The towers are FINE. No offense to people who lost loved ones in the tragedy but... if seeing an illustration that includes the silhouettes of buildings like that is going to send you off into a doom spiral.... I hope you're seeking professional help. Because there are waaayy too many things in the world that could trigger it, and I don't see how life could go on...


The things that seem out of place... if you're wondering, just think about what the shirt says. This is a projection of free thinking, I would assume. I'm not a big fan of the design itself, being that I don't like New York, but I don't see reason to nitpick. A closer view or the ability to zoom in on the design would be nice. It's an interesting idea, though, and executed well enough.


colours of shirts! colours of shirts!

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