Free Lemming Rides

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Free Lemming Rides by BeanePod on Threadless
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So cute but oblivious to their impending doom.


Why do they get on? Don't they see what's happening? Why don't they stop?!?

Great on the pink! $5


i kinda really like the text, i wish it was on the shirt!

BeanePod profile pic Artist

ha, i'd thought about that but was afraid of it taking away from the design. had also thought of putting it on a sign. thanks for all the great comments!!


funny concept


Sweet, but it might not be clear that they're lemmings. It might just seem to be guinea pig abuse.

I was crushed to discover that lemmings are a hoax...

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This shirt is legally insane.

Please put it on a different color and I'd snatch it up for sure as i was going over the precipice.

BeanePod profile pic Artist

thanks, it mos def could work on another color. the reason i chose muted pastels on pink was to juxtapose their cuteness with the fact they are unaware of their impending doom.

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