Free in the light/ Trapped by the dark

Design by Mr Rocks

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Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Artist

OK, this idea needs a little explaining. Depending on which opaque ink is printed last dictates whether the design is masculine (dark) or feminine (light). So, if the last screen printed is the dark brown, you get the masculine version (click the button to see the guys design) and if you print the light blue last, you get the feminine version (click the button to see the girls version)
So, you got 2 designs in one. Also, you could change colours of the shirt for guys and gals, as well and the colour scheme Even mix it up, as I am sure some women will prefer the guys design, and some men will like the girls.

I hope you all like it, which ever you would choose. And special thanks to Phil Tseng for his help presenting this design.

mezo profile pic Alumni

It is a truly great idea, and the illustration keeps in par with your amazing style....HOWEVER, I am totally turned off by the girly girl girl's version considering I'd much prefer and wear the cool dark creepy guy's version. Still a 4 for the innovative use of screenery.


I like this a lot, and the dual choice is good. I really don't like your assumption that you know which one is for guys and which one for girls; also, things that are dark and chthonic are mythologically considered female, all over the world. Fortunately I'm not voting on you, but on your design. Your phrasing came real close to losing me though.


I love it 5$

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Artist

Harfangoria : I'm sorry you feel this way. As I say above there's no reason why 'guys' and 'gals' versions couldn't be printed for everyone. Maybe my 'phrasing' has put some folks off, but this was not my intention, and apologies if you feel this way.

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Artist

Thats a great idea Guillermo , thanks.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

a 4, mezo? geez, tough crowd.

Great stuff, love the work and idea behind the concept. Love the characters. 5+$

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

Fantastic illo as always. I wouldn't mind the guy's-gal's version.


Could you do the same concept with UV ink? Very cool idea.

steven218 profile pic Alumni

clever, clever stuff

hogboy profile pic Alumni

Great work Blair! Cool idea, great drawing & an awesome color palette.

cpdesign profile pic Alumni

Awesome illo Mr. Rocks. I think the double sided design would be a cool idea as well. 5

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Artist

LYSSIE: as I have said, descrimination was not my intention. In hindsight, I would like to revise the name of each button and put 'light' and 'dark' instead of 'girls' and 'guys'.


too freaky. I just want to see how this would print up - it's such a cool idea.

andyg profile pic Alumni


pilihp profile pic Alumni

very slick idea. great illo and nice presentation ;)

aled profile pic Alumni

This is great. A really nice idea - wish it could actually transform using UV ink or somesuch technology.

antosh profile pic Alumni

Beautiful illustration as always Mr.Rocks!:) Both girl's and boy's version. I like the size of it on the shirt too. Awesome stuff!!!


great concept! UV inks is a good idea. $5

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

Awesome idea Blair - and great illo(s)!

Bramish profile pic Alumni

Great stuff Blair. Solid and original, and the presentation really helps the concept shine through.

lyssie on Jun 02 '08
why do guys and girls have to have such different designs

gender descriminator

Don't be a loon. It's just a novel way of presenting two versions of the same design.


If I had a vagina I'd be so pissed at you right now


lyssie takes it a bit too far... I whined a bit, but I had the sense to $5 the thing based on my tastes. Bramish, I will say it's not especially novel, and the gender stuff around here does sometimes get tiring overall.

The nerds in space, the disenfranchised folks turned superheroes and such, the protagonists of so many great ideas-become-shirts are male. I think that's why some of us get fed up now and then. I understand where lyssie's coming from.

You're right, MrRocks: light and dark would have made more sense.


very cool idea... and im a girl and im not offended ;) $5

sonmi profile pic Alumni

such a smart idea that i can see had a lot of thought put into it! love the colors, and i'm such a sucker for those retro star flares. awesome blair!!

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Artist

thanks trippyhippie, that took me a while to figure out how to do.

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

Great illustration, love the way the composition stays nearly identical but the theme becomes fundamentally different, in each version.


awesome! Two totally different things: light-dark, good-evil

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