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dig it, agree that bird should have briefcase 4


ahhh I just got a flashback to animorphs... heh heh heh

good times, good shirt.


Yeah, I agree the man has to be a different color... and can there be diff color shirts....??? Mayb a lil more steps of the transformation would be cool to


Harvey Birdman! especially with that breifcase. (not to say you're copying, just what came to mind)


a bird cannot carry a briefcase. the briefcase should be dropping to the ground further and further as each bird flies on. that way at the last frame the bird is flying away and the briefcase is lying on the ground.

the transition could be a bit better. the huge wing coming out of the dudes neck is weird. im not sure how youre going to accomplish the morph, but i look forward to the next iteration.


he changes too quickly. make it slower.


This reminds me of a dream I had that Carson Kressley was a seagul in temporary human form.

So cool, but by the third one he's already a bird. There needs to be more of a gradual shift, like people have been saying.

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