Fred and the Giant Eel

Design by arzie13

Fred and the Giant Eel



That's phalic....true, true. Did you mean for it to look


I like it.. but in my opinion it would be a lot better if the eel's face and whatnot looked more "scary".. more of a grimey look to the art. Contrast from the intriguing tail to the 'holy shit' face.

arzie13 profile pic Artist

not meant to be phallic, just an eel about to eat dinner. The orange should be more saturated and bright.


crazy eel.made me laugh


nice. and it only works on blue. as long as the text isn't part of the image, it's fine. the eel doesn't have to look like an eel - it's a cartoon.


veryyy cool i especially like the shading on the eel and the eel's face. i think fred should tilt his head a little to look more confused. kind of keanu reeves like before he gets eaten.

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