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Kim Mak
Kim Mak profile pic Alumni

Nice job!


nice illustration, but please don't paste links to your design on other people's designs. many people consider it rude, and some will even mark you lower for it.

mrdavenport profile pic Alumni

pretty fresh!


haha very nice your design.... bealtiful your t shirt... thanks for scrap


White tee will be better.


thanks for voting for me man, this is tight, nice work


why does it say you havent voted for anyone on your profile?? nice lie man. i hope this exposes you and if it doesnt i'll continue to do so. you better hope its an error on threadless's part


i even voted high for you man. thats just cold


oh and for anyonereading that last comment, he told me he voted for me, hence my frustration at his 0 votes


Here I am and you have my vote! :)

evan3 profile pic Alumni

that spamming will cost you

bygrinstow profile pic Alumni

This is helpful advise: don't ask for votes in someone else's design... it's considered rude by anybody who's been here for any amount of time. And that's your voting base, and some few of them can get pissed off about it, which can hurt your score. Posting links in critiques is fine. Making blogs to promote your design is fine. But links in other people's designs is rude.

Do you want everybody to just use your page here for links to their own stuff? That's not why you subbed, is it...?

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

stop spamming people please.

vo maria
vo maria profile pic Alumni

nice design you have here (show it bigger, so we can see the details, man!). And I agree with everyone about posting your link in other peoples design. Stop that. Your work says for itself.


IF you voted for me, then why does it say under your description on your profile page that you have voted ZERO submissions giving an average score of 0.00??

This is directly from your profile page:

jokkesvin aka Joaquim Marques Nielsen is a 25.49 year old boy, has been a member since May 21, 2009, has scored 0 submissions, giving an average score of 0.00.


Eat at JOE'S


Eat at JOE'S


Eat at JOE'S


Eat at JOE'S


Eat at JOE'S


Eat at JOE'S


By the way I voted for you so please please please eat at JOE'S!

rossmat8 profile pic Alumni

If you didn't spam this would have still been a 2 this just isn't a very good design.


wow.... big comments here... nice design... simple but badass... :D

ndikol profile pic Alumni

cool :D :D :D

alvarejo profile pic Alumni

good one


Very sweet design, man. Would definitely wear! 5


You should indeed stop spamming. There's no excuse for doing it. If you join a community site you should just always find out the ettiqueete of the website and more importantly respect that. There are pretty good reasons for each ettiquette. The thing being said by taong tite is just straigth up bullshit. When I was a newbie I never got shit on me. The rules are here to keep it fair and scare. Anyways I hope you've learned from this mistake.

Another note: voting should always be fair. Don't give your 'friends' or 'popular people' high votes just because of their status. Just vote by what you truely feel about the design. Also don't vote high for somebody who voted for you just because they voted for you.

A note for the people who voted a zero, because of the spamming: you guys are being just as rude as him now. Vote for the design, not the person!

Good luck further on Threadless. Just make sure you follow the ettiquette and you'll be fine. People will forgive you for the newbie mistake. We've all been newbies, right?


To give you credit, your profile has updated and it says you've voted on 227 or so submissions. I hope you have stopped spamming. I did that at first too, and it really is better not to. Just make blogs about your design, and it'll get enough attention.

I voted for you!


dq this sub already

Skap 1er

I love that you've spammed half of Threadless in the past few days telling people that you voted for them, which makes it seem like you gave them a high score, yet you've only scored about 200 subs giving an average score of 1.60. Rough man, rough.

Cool characters, but the spamming must stop

silverqe profile pic Alumni

It's hilarious that you now have over 100 comments on your sub, which is probably all the attention that you were hoping to get; what's even more funny is that 90% of that attention is negative (zeros abound!) because of your spamming and shameless self-promotion. I hope you've learned your lesson. :)


Voted 0 for spamming.


Changed to what I would have voted originally since it appears those were old spams. Glad to see it stopped.

macdoodle profile pic Alumni

i think he has learned his lesson folks. he's cute...leave him alone ;)

yeohgh profile pic Alumni

welldone on your first design and it AWESOMEEEEE!!!!!!! $5 Freakalicious!


I want to say a positive thing about this guy: on his website you can download his freakyface font for free!!! so i really feel like he's not someone that plays unfair and stuff. plus we all agree: he just damaged himself with the spam.
i'm not posting the link though, you go look for it!
ps i am not related in any way to jokkesvin as you can figure from my previous sarcastic comments.

bygrinstow profile pic Alumni

your name (and your avatar) is a link everywhere it appears... no real need to insert a link elsewhere.... if you're commenting, you're leaving a link for anybody that becomes interested in what you say, anyway.

If you cool it, they will come....

As for this design, I'd have rather seen something more done with it colorwise, for what it's worth....

Jemae profile pic Alumni

this is cool! five! :))


cool tee


wow!! this is great :)

supertrooper74 profile pic Alumni

I'm glad that you apparently changed your approach. You commented on my design and did not mention that you even had one of your own up for scoring. I clicked on your name just to see if I could return the favor (sometimes it works like that).


Cool! Why don't u try different colors?

Dexter Spandex

nice illustration. unfortunately for you it looks like this is going to score much lower than it would otherwise have scored due to your apparent spamming. People will click through your link to give you ZERO. That should be enough reason not to do it.

Anyway, good luck on the next one, this one's worth 3 from me!

Dexter Spandex

I've just seen the font of it, very cool. Such a shame this is going to score lower than it should.

evan3 profile pic Alumni

this is rough city

bygrinstow profile pic Alumni

There's half-a-billion members! or something like that... I'm not good with numbers.

so, you do have to do something to stand out....


@ tomasappleton come on now. That's not totally how it is. Just because you're popular you won't necessarely score high no matter what the design looks like. And if there are people who vote like that I'm sure it won't make much of a difference for the final score. People who are popular/loved by their talents/loved by their unique style probably do get more votes since they're more well known. If something sucks, it still sucks if it's made by someone well known.

@ jokkesvin just keep on coming submitting and don't worry. In the end if you're good it doesn't matter who you are. No need to get a new account and have plastic surgery for a new face ;)


Hmm, don't like this one sorry :s A bit too... i dunno.


Hmm, don't like this one sorry :s A bit too... i dunno.


Hmm, don't like this one sorry :s A bit too... i dunno
You like one of those FREAKS.


if everybody just exchanged votes, then tell me, what's the point of voting? i thought it was to set the unique from the lame
this is an ok design, but not really that original
thanks for the vote i guess, but it really doesnt mean anything to me because it wasn't genuine, you just wanted something in return
your methods do nothing but clutter threadless pages with meaningless pleas to get noticed
if youre good, somebody's bound to notice you, you dont have to whore yourself out like this


hey!!! you got almost 200 comments in two days, mines like 16 for the whole voting period!!! not a good start though...


Common guys... this is enough to realize him that somewhere he was wrong...
This was the lesson learn for everyone…
@ jokkesvin .. M looking forward to see your next designs… :)

that is inappropriate


@that is inappropriate

no excuses, i did what i did. but i don't consider it spamming because nanananananananana

It's spamming if you post a link to your design, no matter how sincere comment might be.


Hmm, don't like this one sorry :s A bit too... i dunno. I think I'm fed up with freaks... kumuha ng saba, balatan mo ng maige.. hiwain sa gitna (sa pamamagitan ng kutsilyo). ipatong sa pambalot (ilagay sa bandang dulo). wag kalimutan ang langka. isingit sa gitna. irolyo ng maayos hanggang sa kabilang dulo. ikaw na ang bahala kung bukas o selyado!! painitin ang mantika sa naglalagablab na kawali.isunod mo ang asukal. (hintayin itong matunaw.) kapag ito'y nangyari ilusong ang pinaghirapan. hanguing dahan-dahan hanggang ito'y maging golden brown!

CazKing profile pic Alumni

wow - I just wanted to write something to be part of this totally weird exchange!
Spamming is bad - but this design is pretty good!


aint you the controversy
never have seen soooo many posts on one design before
man, the name alone deserves the score and the faces seal the deal
well done
keep submitting
I'd wear it


GAH the spamming makes me wanna punch yo face!

but thanks for saying you will change. i hope you do, and keep subbing! :)

evan3 profile pic Alumni



I'll admit I'm following this thread with a sort of morbid fascination.

Jokkesvin, in regards to starting a new profile I have this to say; I certainly didn't appreciate your spamming, but you have been gracious and polite in ALL of your responses to this, and have taken everyone's opinion on board. I am convinced the spamming was not done out of any malicious intent, and that now that you know the threadless etiquette it won't be a problem.

Not all of us will hold this mistake against you with any future votes... In my eyes at least you have shown grace under fire, and that counts for a lot.

anwarrafiee profile pic Alumni

Wow to all the comments!!!!
Hope the scores will get 4.9!
Break the record!!!!(:,

anwarrafiee profile pic Alumni

Wow to all the comments!!!!
Hope the scores will get 4.9!
Break the record!!!!(:,

VaVa Pie

hehehe nice


OK, I see that you have indeed voted and scored designs. I apologize on my part for my disbelief but you have to understand where I was coming from. I wasn't trying to be mean I was just trying to point out that when looking at your profile I saw no scores for any submissions so when I see you leave a comment saying you scored mine with no score proof in the profile, I tend to take it a little negative. I still kept my vote for you but I just want to get across my points here. SOrry for the inconvenience

staffell profile pic Alumni



like the shirt! and there is no need of a plastic surgery... :)



staffell profile pic Alumni


staffell profile pic Alumni

is commenting on your own sub your day job?


this is scored by A LOT of people

randyotter3000 profile pic Alumni

two commenst are needed for impact and bigger numbers whoot whoot nice entry to threadless i approve!!!

evan3 profile pic Alumni

i am mixed about the result of this design
super high

Monkey X
Monkey X profile pic Alumni

this a spam account or what?
All I see are copy paste comments....

staffell profile pic Alumni

of course this won't get a high score

kirstenmccrea profile pic Alumni

Whatever, I think people are overly sensitive about the whole spamming thing. I totally don't agree with the mentality that you are somehow taking away from someone's submission by promoting your own. I'm happy you linked to yours off my page - I like your work, and might not have seen it otherwise. People have their panties in a knot over nothing. It's ridiculous.

On the bright side: you got 230 comments!

kirstenmccrea profile pic Alumni

(And spam by definition is anonymous and unsolicited. Leaving a comment isn't really the same thing). Obviously, I won't ever do it again after the flak I got for, like, 3 links back to my work, but I still think people need to relax.

evan3 profile pic Alumni

just here to add another comment and make the number bigger
comment my new design?

good luck


have 864 people really scored this design?

lawrence loh
lawrence loh profile pic Alumni

it gives me an idea of making all those icon into some food or something looks delicious on it. overall nice work.

staffell profile pic Alumni

staffell on Jun 11 '09 of course this won't get a high score

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