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4 Colour Print + Wicked SUPER GLOW in the Dark Ink On White Shirt

Elvis Aaron Frankenstein was a singer and actor who could arguably neither sing nor act. A cultural icon, he is commonly known simply as Frankie and is also sometimes referred to as The Modern Prometheus of Rock 'n' Roll. During the height of his film career Frankie's image was used to sell everything from lightning rods to platform shoes and as seen here in this early advert his own line of hair care products. He starred in a total of 31 films including: Love Meat Tender, Fear in Acapulco, Harum Scare'em, A.I. Blues, All Sewn Up, Flaming Torch, Laboratory Rock, Ghouls, Ghouls, Ghouls, Paradise Transylvanian Style, Follow That Brains, Killin' Cousins, Ghoul Happy, Undead In The Country, Brainbake, Stay Away Monster, Live A Little Die A Little, The Trouble With Ghouls, Viva Las Vengeance, Blue Transylvania, Scareway, The Bride of Frankie & Johnny and It Happened At A Burning Mill. Sadly, health problems, prescription drug dependence and angry mobs of peasants with fire torches plagued the star in his later life leading to his untimely death at an early age.

Thanks Manos for the Flash Template:


Actually I wrote the comment above, somehow I've logged on as the creator. Whoops!

lawrence loh
lawrence loh profile pic Alumni

super awesome! love the glow in the dark effect



bengineer profile pic Alumni

fankenstein's monster with a pompadour has been done for the horror contest. not as a hair tonic ad but the concept was quite similar :S

ndikol profile pic Alumni

cool !

Sweets Workshop

Awesome! Love the print and the use of super glow!

TOSOMB profile pic Alumni



just FYI, leaving a link on other people's designs to yours is considered bad etiquette


Love your style!


sweet style and intense glow in the dark : )



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