Frankenstein's Bakery

Design by WanderingBert

Frankenstein's Bakery by WanderingBert on Threadless
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My first 5 colour design. I decided to keep the colours fairly dark to keep a sort of "dark cellar mood".

If you want to see a bigger image, check the link below
Frankensteins Bakery Large

Let me know what you think, all constructive thoughts appreciated. Thanks.


I LOVE the concept but something about the execution keeps me from going crazy over it. Maybe its how the legs are crossed on the monster so I think he is about to trip. 4 for creativity though


nice look/style

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Thanks for all the great feedback.


this is crazy- i left a comment on bananaphone's blog about an idea similar to this (trifle, lightning, horror) Then later when i was in the bath (lol) i mentally added a scientist. i guess i have to $5 this haha

Mr. Pistachio Nut

LOVE the idea and concept. But the execution of the design is kinda...blah. It needs better colors of less of that chalky texture.

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"Where the wild things are" has been solved....they're in the frankenstein bakery! nice original style reminiscint but not a rip off of any one animator.

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