fracking toaster

Design by flamingm0nk_1

fracking toaster by flamingm0nk_1 on Threadless
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the concept is clear and well illustrated... it's funny but it's something I can't detect well that's a bit annoying... Why don't you include an slogan just to make thinks still more clear? Or maybe the starbucks cup ins't well integrated... anyway the connector to the electricity seems too much different in tdrawing style...

Pfff!!! Seems like a terrible critique but is my way to say I see a future to the design (much of the other ones doesn't deserve so much talking ;) ) Hope I don't bother you...

And thanks for checking mine too!


I agree, it's a great concept but it doesn't land quite as strong as it needs to. I could see this printing with some adjustments.

I recognized the "toaster" right away but the smoke looks like steam from toast and I didn't see the coffee right away. Maybe put it on a lighter background so the brown shows up better and make the smoke more like smoke and less like steam. Also, give us some indication with the eyes that the toaster is dead.

The coffee cup needs something more to make the connection to Starbuck. A stylized generic green logo or just show a bit more of the logo. Or you could make the cap look like a flight helmet and adjust the cup to suggest a flight suit.

Finally, something looks weird with the two slots on top. It doesn't look like they quite fit, the right one seems to be where the corner is. It's tricky, though, because it's domed and curved instead of having 90 degree angles. I would totally buy that toaster if somebody made it.


Really great feedback guys. Thanks for taking the time to share. I love the flight suit idea! Cheers! :)


I just miss, it would be saying 'I'll murder your family' :D Nice !

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