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fantastic $5


-- 5 -- and $$$ BUY $$$


Haha that's amazing.


AzrimEkim, It's not oxymoronic unless you're perspective is that weapons/tools are only used in ways that don't involve love. I own firearms because I love my family. I want to protect them. Soldiers throw grenades at the enemy for love of their country. I love oranges so I keep a knife in my truck to help me peel them. Love can be masculine as well as feminine.


very cool.. well drawn n good idea


I am getting really tired of these gun and war shirts.
But this one is done really well. Using one item for each letter is way better.

I agree that the colors are a bit hard! So great first sub!

mezo profile pic Alumni

It's an OK concept, even if it IS a bit trite. Try to not live-trace the photos, though. Think about actually sketching out the weapons to make them more stylized & interesting. And, by god those colors are horrible. It would have been funny to change the light blue to white for a cliche American loves war feel....visually that would have looked better.



wanna see more colors.

Frank Vice

colors are pretty bad but its a cool concept


Frank Vice, The colors of this design at frogbite are black on a medium grey shirt.

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