Fountain of Beauty

Design by chopanier

Fountain of Beauty by chopanier on Threadless
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chopanier profile pic Artist

When I was a kid I thought that if I'd swim in the ugly duckling's pond I'd become beautiful too.

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

this is really great probably my favorite of yours


ha, nice! took me a minute to catch all the details


oooooh!!!! i really like the colors


it's really purty, i love it.
i would totally buy it.

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni



hot design maybe some more color options?


i was thinking about this shirt last night trying to figure out why i like it so much. personally, i don't like girly themes or colors. but, i LOVE LOVE how this interacts w/ the shirt as a medium and thus it is a winner in my book.


The waterfall is really square. It just goes straight down. It should curve at least a little bit. The swan, particularly the neck, is a little too long and exaggerated for me. I'd like to see some texture on the water. Maybe some ripples, and something to show movement and splashing of the waterfall. Overall it's still a very strong sub that's deservingly likely to get printed. Just a couple of nitpicky details that, if changed, would make this really good sub even better.

andyg profile pic Alumni

Although tough for most guys to wear, this is a fantastic design and use of color! $5

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