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To me this says, "I like the golden showers."


i think its awesome and cincinnatus, go learn some art history bud


Oh i think the art history reference to this found art is obvious since it you pointed it out in your firt comment... so yeah I knew what it was.

And macster that is probably how it is a commentary... it is found art... threadless also has a lot of found art submissions whether they be clipart, plagiarism of just ideas or thoughts, or outright theft of artwork.


cincinnatus, i never thought you'd come outta retirement. good to have you back. stop posting and start saving the damn world.


I didn't get it at first either, but just go to the link provided in goodncrispy's first comment - it's a urinal, used as a piece of art. Like Cincinnatus said, found art. A guy friggin' put his name on a urinal. Wow.
That's damn funny. Cause it's not blatantly a urinal, and hysterical, I'd buy it man! $5

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