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Crazy or Different ?

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I had no clue that what I said would be put up for everyone to see! Man I feel like such a noob! Oh well. I hope that doesn't make me look stupid...

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I see now that there is a problem with the design on the shirt. I'm sure that can be fixed.


I enjoy their expressions. Not sure if I like the placement of the strings so low down though. Like if the people hit more in the middle of the shirt (just slightly higher) I feel it would be more eye catching. Just something to think about.

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If this is chosen it probably won't be the final placement on the shirt. I think the strings would look better if they hit the top seam and collar of the shirt.


I like the art. I agree with it being placed higher. Maybe the strings can come down from the shoulders. I'm not sure about the placement possibilities since I just submitted my first, but I've seen many that use a good deal of Tshirt real estate. That can all be figured out I think... I give the art a 5. :)


I love it ! If it would be on sale, it'd buy it right now <3 <3 !! 5 of course.

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Thanks for all your friendly comments!


nice drowing



a thing for me

very nice drawing but i would love the writing to be handwriting - in the same thin way as the strings or so... otherwise: great design!

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