Foster the Future: Heart Hands

Design by letsRovs

Foster the Future: Heart Hands  by letsRovs on Threadless
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this is my FAVorite design! My motto is to LIVE LOVE EVERYDAY !!!!!

letsRovs profile pic Artist

Thank you!


I LOVE this! its so simple and memorable definitely $$ Great job!


i really like this design! it stands out and is like the only one that actually relates to what this contest is about. i think it should become the logo for foster the future that would be cute :)) 5!


PRINT!! $$$


haha i can just imagine Mark wearing this on stage! so cute :D Good job and GOOD LUCK i really hope they pick yours because my daughters want this printed ahaha


i dig this and im a dude. sure winner! PRINT $$$$


yeah man i agree this has to win..but if it doesn't can i still order one? but please print! i got my money on this GOOD LUCK letsRovs!


Best one! LOL I can see people doing heart hands at the concert

letsRovs profile pic Artist

Thanks for all the support! I'm new to Threadless and never thought that my first design would get such nice feedback -- you guys are awesome!

and salafimo, I can picture it too! that would be so awesome :D

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