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Tombie profile pic Artist

Inspired by listening to dark, folky music, my design symbolises life, death and transformation. Or it's just a cool deer-girl with moth, a skull and some birds.

7 colours on brown. (Logo and sig not part of the printed design).

Montro profile pic Alumni

You are definetely one designer to watch out for.
Amazing style $5
Can´t wait to see more from you.

jean_warhol profile pic Alumni

good first sub. the only thing that bugs me is the face on the woman. but other than that. very nice


Isn't that bug from The Silence of the Lambs movie poster?


Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

this is a cool design. kinda spooky, but earthy and pretty.


ahahah! oh fearless leader, you are a riot!
i gotta agree wholeheartedly with montro!


super lol@ Fearless Leader


That 'bug' is the best bit!


I think The Silence of the Lambs does´nt own the copyright on this bug, hehe...

gorgeous design.




Ahahahaha at Fearless Leader. Dipshit.

And I have to agree with jean warhol....the girl's face is odd. Everything else is pretty snazzy, though.

Tombie profile pic Artist

So, Silence Of The Lambs own the rights to the death's head moth, and Pete Fowler the exclusive rights to antlers?

I also stole the birds from Hitchcock's 'The Birds", the blackberries from my local fruit and veg shop, and the female form from Hugh Hefner.



this is a great illustration

Hi my name is


Don't worry about the village idiots.

Awesome design 5


Great illustration, not something I personally would wear, but lots would, so I'm gonna $5 it anyway, to counteract some of the damage done by the the idiots above.

Jemae profile pic Alumni
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awesome! just awesome! five! :)

Tombie profile pic Artist

Seems this has divided people, so I'm interested to see what score I get.

Shame about the Silence of the Lambs thing - it never even crossed my mind that people would connect it so strongly with that. :/


this is groovy, i think the girl lets it down a bit though. she looks a bit too butch with big old arms etc. the blackberry bush and the birds are really good though. maybe try a design with just them?

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