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in the divorce article: "[...] within men rather than female".... you mean men rather than women?

In the cookie monster article: "[...] chicago strip. Popular hangout for [...]" you mean ", a popular hangout" ?

$5 anyways, cuz i love this!


well done


is the design 3 colours or 4? and if only three would it work on any other colour tshirt?

Ellsswhere profile pic Artist

I think there may actually be a blog out there that talks about some spelling errors or grammatical errors such as the ones Dither pointed out. Yes the fine print came second to adjusting the piece and everything else... and to show that I care, I will be changing it about now. Thankyou for pointing that out, i hope it has not already swayed anyones scores.


Correcting the errors swayed mine - it went up. Lovely piece.

Ellsswhere profile pic Artist

This is as much my shirt as anyone who wants to buy it or have it printed so Im going to (Re)revise the text so it makes more sense... I didnt really think it would be too important when printed as it would be so small, buuutttttt....... If you think the divorce thing is too serious I have no problem changing that or any other grammar issues, the main focus is the serious role the children are taking, whats on the paper is only a side note... i liked what i had but like i said im open for suggestions.
Remember this can all be changed before print time so theres no need to give it a bad rating and tell me to adjust, just stop by my blog throw in your two cents and we can go from there.


actually i think it's kinda sad to have the divorce thing there but i love how it's something so strikingly real and consequencial to the kids. plus it adds to a reasoning for why the kids are acting so grown up.

conversely, it could be seen as the 2 kids being play-married to each other and the divorce paper as a sign that they will eventually "split up"

it all works

Rock-Deputy profile pic Alumni

reallly nice design

Ellsswhere profile pic Artist

alright the text for the headline is all fixed up now, if theres another header subject you would like to see... Zalo has posted some suggestions in my blog, ill think some up, post yours or let me know what you think of whats been posted.


this is great:)

JOHN2 profile pic Alumni

Great use of lighting. It has an amazing sense of mood. 5

Ellsswhere profile pic Artist

thankyou, its supposed to be that magical time in the morning where the sun is keeping that one side of your face 110 degrees but its only 60 outside.


Please print this!

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