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wallstreet profile pic Artist

That's about it. :)


Some of these don't seem to fit very well, footprints in the sand for example.

wallstreet profile pic Artist

Hello guys. Thanks for the suggestion. I wasn't really trying to offend with that one because I thought Geta is one of those traditional Japanese sandals worn to match a Kimono. (I wasn't also able to put this up for critique because wasn't aware of it in my first 4 submissions.)

BTW, here's a description of the sandals:


The "foot prints in the sand" doesn't fit at all.

wallstreet profile pic Artist

Thanks for all the suggestions guys. Keep them coming so that I could apply them on my re-sub. :D

dacat profile pic Alumni

Great concept, with some tweaks, it could be amazing. I think the dinosaur should be huge, perhaps the entire back side, instead of as big as bigfoot.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I agree, dino on the back, remove some of the ones that don't make sense or don't really add anything to the idea, focus it up more, and it's a shirter for sure.

jaywalkergraphics profile pic Alumni

This is idea is worth a lot of money, but as many have said, it should be revisited. Ant, woman, stick man, and gingerbread man are in the realm of where this design should be, I think. I would minimize the mundane prints and try to think up some other more remarkable marks. Good luck. :)

wallstreet profile pic Artist

Thanks for all your suggestions! I guess it's a unanimous decision to take out 'footprints in the sand' and 'japanese.' :D


i guess i'm the only woman mildly offended by the heels label. i fucking hate heels and rarely-if ever-wear them. otherwise, i agree with most of the other crit said here. nice idea.


Love it. I agree with most of the previous feedback. Remove 'footprints in the sand' and rethink the naming of 'japanese' and resubmit!


love the design, but agree with all previous comments about reworking/re-labeling the "japanese" idea, using the giant-size dinosaur footprint, removing the sand prints, and also maybe clean up the "c" design of carbon. nice!


I agree with C.A... the footsprints in the sand don't really go with the theme you have going on... use a different footprint. Horse perhaps?


I like it a lot, but the footprints in the sand doesn't work with the rest of it.

evan3 profile pic Alumni

ant ha

wallstreet profile pic Artist

Thanks for all your suggestions so far. I'll take note of them all. ;)


i lvoe it

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