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mikemills profile pic Alumni

I'M your daddy...


The eyes and mouth confuse
more than help us see the
foosball player. Also the bar
isn't connected to guy's right
shoulder. I thought the bar
might be a dash which led me
to think for a second the yellow
swoosh could be a large yellow C.

Since you're only using 3 colors
why not use a light brown to fill
in the areas where the ball traveled.
The text and player would be filled
in and the motion of the ball would
still be intact.

Even though I'm poking at the design
this is the best foosball design I've ever
seen and I would buy it with the

mezo profile pic Alumni

I prefer boozeball...

But, the design is decent- I see what you are going for. Try to make the figure look more like a foozeball player. Right now, it doesn't come off as such & you have to red your text to "get it".

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