Food Tells a Story

Design by lauren berke

Food Tells a Story by lauren berke on Threadless
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I like the drawing, but I don't like the "boxed in feeling". Maybe you could adjust the lines at the edges so they don't end so abruptly.


i dig the signature -- it is by lauren, after all, and her signature is cute and tiny.

love the art, and the use of white on the colored shirt.

R G profile pic Alumni

you are crazy and thats why I love your subs

mezo profile pic Alumni

Great sketch, but it isn't working so great as a shirt design. And I am curious as to why you colored those areas in white, it doesn't make your eye flow smoothly.


maybe if some parts of the rooms extended onto the shirt in different ways it wouldn't look so boxy and work with the shirt more. I like the drawing and style a lot

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