Food Quality Control

Design by Flying Mouse

Food Quality Control by Flying Mouse on Threadless
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Flying Mouse
Flying Mouse profile pic Artist

A classic comic book style, hope you like it!


This turned out great! Glad you made the changes :-)

Jemae profile pic Alumni
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yeah, another great job from FM! i like it both (orange/gray)! :)

huebucket profile pic Alumni

love it!! cool stuff!!! $5

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

You made some fantastic changes to this, and behold, one of the few designs on this site that makes the perfect t-shirt and a fantastic concept. Orange and red all the way...i'd give a few pints of my own red life juice for a shirt in that color! 5$ all the way. Good luck with this one...

yeohgh profile pic Alumni

haha,,,great, and fun as well! 5

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

sweet 5$

Larlar profile pic Alumni

I'm going to look retarded here, but...I don't get it. Why would a vampire throw out approved-quality blood?

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Well if he's the "inspector" then why is he tasting the ones he approved already (NOTE: approved by quality food inspector)?

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

To me it looks like the Count is putting one vile into the "approved" section while throwing another one out that was never placed into the approved section to begin with.

Where's the gap in logic exactly?

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