Flower Deathbed

Design by Krakaboom

Flower Deathbed by Krakaboom on Threadless
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Krakaboom profile pic Artist

"Omigod Bertie that... that's not the gardener!!!"

Randy Jackson

Yeah dawg, art's looking real good. Much better on the dakota slate. The illustrations kinda lost on the brown. Man... but I dig it. You got my vote


on chocolate, at the bottom with white flowers.. i'd definitely buy it


Death to Daisies. I like it. Funny, a little dark, but also cute at the same time. How did that all get mixed together so well? Cool. 5


On chocolate and at the top. And I'd buy it! ...or perhaps in black.. and with magenta. Really cool.


artist's comment ftw

Krakaboom profile pic Artist

Hullo hullo. Thanks for the feedback so far - do keep them coming, it's really interesting to hear what you think.


LMFAO I love their faces. $5 cos its so weird.

Krakaboom profile pic Artist

Yeah, I can fix the splotches, no problem.

da squishy: Magenta petals/brown handle? Difficult without violating the five colour rule! Let's see... I need the black, I need the white, I need the green, I need the brown... the only way is if I change the flowers' faces to white.

Quid Pro Quo

Chocolate is good I'd prefer the bottom placement if it was a taller shirt but its not so top placement definetly.

Krakaboom profile pic Artist

One more day to go :)

Krakaboom profile pic Artist

LaZorra: Afraid not - the handle disappears into the background and poor ol' Death just looks like he's had a horrific scything accident. Oh well, I kinda prefer the white flowers, anyway.

Krakaboom profile pic Artist

Yeah I must say that I like higher placements too. At least when you're sitting down the design doesn't get hidden.

Anyhoo. Last day for voting!

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