Floorfreaks - Cantastic

Design by Mathmatic

Floorfreaks - Cantastic by Mathmatic on Threadless
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Skap 1er

This is fuckin cool, and def the best of your series


Robsoul profile pic Alumni

definitely my favourite one. would love it on a lemon tee.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

or even a silver tee.

Kontrastt profile pic Alumni

woohoohoo... sexy! haha
i'm not sure about the tee color.

TangYauHoong profile pic Alumni

very cool idea

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni
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It's interesting how a few new people to this site are using the same basic images and idea over and over again yet completely changing the elements that make it up. I'm all for that idea if it's looking as cool as some of yours are...i llike the pyramid one the best.

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