Flight of fancy

Design by suceda

Flight of fancy by suceda on Threadless
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mj00 profile pic Alumni

The concept is alright, I think it would have been more visually interesting if you had drawn the images at different angles (especially the chicken- the profile shot is pretty boring). You might want to consider using Critiques to catch stuff like that so that you'll score higher.


hmmmm. I dearly love a chicken that strives for more. Yes sir, I would buy it and wear it with esteem.

suceda profile pic Artist

Thanks for the feedback. The chicken is supposed to be boring... it's a chicken, the other elements are meant to be more dynamic.


Don't Let The Chicken Fly The Rocket!


Chickens can fly. Just not very well.


i wanted to buy this one. oh dear creator can you make me one? size small please.

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