Flight of Doves

Design by slaterock

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slaterock profile pic Artist

Hey guys, thanks for the comments. So honestly, you think I should yank the circles?

slaterock profile pic Artist

Thanks everyone again!!! Alright, I redid my flash file here, so you can see what the design would look like without the circles, and on the different colored shirts. I might resubmit this design like this later. You think taht would be a wise idea?


hope you enjoy!

slaterock profile pic Artist

K, the circles do detract. check out the links that I've posted in my previous posts above. The show the design without the circles. You guys rock, thanks for the comments and the votes!

slaterock profile pic Artist

GraficaMente, i think you might be right. I thought about making the circles the complementary color of the shirt color it's on, but i'm already up to 4 unique colors. thanks for the idea though, and I'm glad you like that it's dark:)

I think my favorite colors are... denim, timber green and khaki.

Again, much thanks for all your comments and input, and keep voting!!!!


excellent design. if you kill out the circles, I would definitely go for this one on a darker shirt. That really makes the hands pop.

slaterock profile pic Artist

Once again, thanks for leaving comments. I will resubmit this design after this one has finished it's voting period, but i will alter it, taking out the circles. I was thinking that maybe with the alteration, I should put some paisley design behind the main design, in that same grey that the circles are in right now. If you guys have any other ideas on how to improve upon this design, let me know!

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