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Flied Rice

Design by tampham98

Flied Rice by tampham98 on Threadless
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It Fly Lice you plick!

dacat profile pic Alumni

Aw, I wish it was shlimp flied lice....ha ha ha


dude it's not racist - it's TRUE. EVERY Chinese and Thai restaurant's I have ever been in has had blatant misspellings either in the menu or on the buffet labels (on a memorable occasion we tried to explain to a manager why he really ought to change the sign that said "DUMPINGS" at the buffet). This is really not racist at all.


racist? how? What about all the sushi shirts? is that racist, too? get over it, people! this is a cute shirt showing chinese food with a fly on it. how is that racist?


Racist? I think the people screaming racism must live in Kansas. If you live in a multicultural city and visit lots of businesses and restaurants operated by people hailing from other parts of the world, you'll see a multitude of creative and unintentionally funny misspellings, as well as English adaptations of words that are perfectly innocent in the native tongue, but are offensive in ours. I recall a friend trying desperately not to laugh when asking what was in the Fu-king rice. I've seen "fried crap" for sale many times. And as a kid, who didn't laugh at the Pu-Pu platter?

Sometimes things get lost in translation. Other times, humor is found. I'm sure other cultures find just as much to laugh at when our expats attempt to assimilate into their societies. Maybe if we sat down and talked a little more, they'd tell us about what we're missing.

Anyone here from a non-English speaking country? What funny mistakes do English speakers make when they visit or set up shop?


dude, I'm Chinese and I don't think it's racist. It's funny and it's true. I've gone to so many Chinese restaurants where this has happened. I even picked up a book in chinatown called "How Speak English Good" 'nuff said


Shouldn't it be Flied Lice? Also, the Lunch Special menu is a pretty weak idea and not attractive at all. Bowl of lice, with a fly on it. There's your shirt.

Daniel San

I'm Asian and I think it's funny.


I missed the scoring of this... Too bad, I would've given it a 1.


I'm a bit late to say this...but it's so not racist. It's simply a pun.
Fly. Fried. Get it?... It's a harmless pun to me.
I like this shirt actually. Darn those flies...always flying around my food...which is, coincidentally, often rice. xD

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