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Spark a fine candle for each fine new day; and, raise its Flame high, may that it shine on your way.

Its flickers shall entrance, the shadows to come out to dance; so lively they do move, your only choice, why, to follow suit.

For if you follow this flicker's Flame, all that tumbles and humbles shall, graciously, give way.

So Praise this fine Flame for all of its fine shimmer, and, please, oh you must, take note of the flicker's glimmer.

With Pride it will glow, and, quite fruitfully, will show, the lighted way to your shiniest tomorrow.

But don't be remiss, this Flame's reflections quite intense; they do sparkle in abundance, the paths past and people among us.

The Glow is so bright, it dazzles your darkest nights; to reveal in its light, with Truth as its right, That your Today never ends, it just begins again, my Friend.

YaaH profile pic Alumni


Joey Lane

nice illustration and concept!

of1000kings profile pic Artist

Thanks Joey Lane; I hope it inspires at least one, and then my job is done.

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