Fleeing Maturity

Design by grayehound

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I agree with the above comment, I REALLY like this design, and after seeing about 45 designs that were complete garbage this was a nice change..

franx profile pic Alumni

Is that pachyderm southbound? ;)
Nice job 5.


I love all of the little details you put into this - his shoelace getting caught on the fence, the "no children" sign, it's all wonderful.
The colours and placement are amazing as well. 5$


shoelace confused me for 1 second but this is pretty damn cool. Does the design have to slant to the side like that?

Luke... profile pic Alumni

another great illustration, man...i like the fat little flying elephant cuase he is so confusing...and i really enjoy the cut in shapes of object not shown that make up the exterior contour...great design...


i love the elephant....give me just the elephant...pleaaassseee


This is brilliant, the first one in ages i would buy instantly!! really nicely done, no comments other than that. 5 and buy :)


very well done.I´d buy it in an instant.5+$

mezo profile pic Alumni

You use of positive/negative space makes my nipples hard. And by 'nipples hard' I mean mouth smile. NICE.



I do not use that word lightly, mind you.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

you're killing it again man, well done. I thought people wouldn't like the type, I was wrong.

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

I am in awe of you my friend, for many reasons, but mostly 2: You've made Mezo's nipples hard, and delivered another killer design!! (sorry Steph, but you made me laugh out loud..)

Nothing but 5's and buys for you, and congrats on such a great score for 'Room with a view.' All hail the grayehound!!


WOW! Another great image from this designer. I'd love to wear this into work and announce to the world (and my boss) I have no intention of growing old gracefully! 5 and $!!!!!


/a.w.e.s.o.m.e/ +5

ronlewis profile pic Alumni

this is one of the best shirts I have seen in a long time, great job 5


very nice

professor profile pic Alumni

very well done...nice vectors...i think it will be the winner...5$


5$$$$!!!i want it!!!

grayehound profile pic Artist

Thanks everyone for the positive comments! And especially to emptygenius for the opposing viewpoint to zackinthebox's comments...you summed up pretty much everything I would have said extremely well. Thanks again!

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

Yey ha granma!! A 3, but should have gone higher buddy. A top design, and if they don't print this AND 'Room..' I'll spew!!


very nice :)


i hope it's still in the running, it's the 2nd shirt i ever saw on here that i really wanted - 5$$$


I want this one as much as I want your Room With a View design. PLEASE, THREADLESS, PRINT THIS PLEASE!

bortwein profile pic Alumni

I keep coming back to this shirt. Now that I have "Room with a view" I feel that I need this more and more.
Plus grayehound would be happy to get more prize money. I hope with all of my nice comments grayehound keeps that in mind while scoring my submissions. >;)

Terry Citizen

I love it. Must be printed!

Terry Citizen

This is awesome why has this not been printed THREADLESS!

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