Fleeing Maturity

Design by grayehound

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I agree with the above comment, I REALLY like this design, and after seeing about 45 designs that were complete garbage this was a nice change..

franx profile pic Alumni

Is that pachyderm southbound? ;)
Nice job 5.


I love all of the little details you put into this - his shoelace getting caught on the fence, the "no children" sign, it's all wonderful.
The colours and placement are amazing as well. 5$


shoelace confused me for 1 second but this is pretty damn cool. Does the design have to slant to the side like that?

Luke... profile pic Alumni
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another great illustration, man...i like the fat little flying elephant cuase he is so confusing...and i really enjoy the cut in shapes of object not shown that make up the exterior contour...great design...


i love the elephant....give me just the elephant...pleaaassseee


This is brilliant, the first one in ages i would buy instantly!! really nicely done, no comments other than that. 5 and buy :)


very well done.I´d buy it in an instant.5+$

mezo profile pic Alumni

You use of positive/negative space makes my nipples hard. And by 'nipples hard' I mean mouth smile. NICE.



I do not use that word lightly, mind you.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

you're killing it again man, well done. I thought people wouldn't like the type, I was wrong.

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

I am in awe of you my friend, for many reasons, but mostly 2: You've made Mezo's nipples hard, and delivered another killer design!! (sorry Steph, but you made me laugh out loud..)

Nothing but 5's and buys for you, and congrats on such a great score for 'Room with a view.' All hail the grayehound!!


WOW! Another great image from this designer. I'd love to wear this into work and announce to the world (and my boss) I have no intention of growing old gracefully! 5 and $!!!!!


/a.w.e.s.o.m.e/ +5

ronlewis profile pic Alumni

this is one of the best shirts I have seen in a long time, great job 5


very nice

professor profile pic Alumni

very well done...nice vectors...i think it will be the winner...5$


5$$$$!!!i want it!!!

grayehound profile pic Artist

Thanks everyone for the positive comments! And especially to emptygenius for the opposing viewpoint to zackinthebox's comments...you summed up pretty much everything I would have said extremely well. Thanks again!

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

Yey ha granma!! A 3, but should have gone higher buddy. A top design, and if they don't print this AND 'Room..' I'll spew!!

grayehound profile pic Artist

No, I think it's great! And thanks again for the support, guys!

bortwein profile pic Alumni

I love this shirt the more I look at it. Hope they print it.


very nice :)

bortwein profile pic Alumni

Just got around to adding this to my Print Wish List in my profile.


i hope it's still in the running, it's the 2nd shirt i ever saw on here that i really wanted - 5$$$


I want this one as much as I want your Room With a View design. PLEASE, THREADLESS, PRINT THIS PLEASE!

bortwein profile pic Alumni

I keep coming back to this shirt. Now that I have "Room with a view" I feel that I need this more and more.
Plus grayehound would be happy to get more prize money. I hope with all of my nice comments grayehound keeps that in mind while scoring my submissions. >;)

Terry Citizen

I love it. Must be printed!

Terry Citizen

This is awesome why has this not been printed THREADLESS!

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