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Love this! Pink on yellow is awesome, and I love the text. Would definitely buy. 5!

Sean Keeton

Wayne with a crazy asteroid head! Neat!


Nice, I love the colors :)


I really Like this and when I noticed the The Alien Super-Being and wanted to ask you if you would be interested in submitting a piece of Christmas on mars inspired art for an event im organizing under Weird Destiny Productions. Its to take place December 30th in the same city the Flaming lips play NYE 2013 (hopefully OKC) going to have a art gallery with installations and crazy atmosphere and as many artist submissions as possible. Then have a great movie experience with all sorts of fun ways to show and view the film. Then to close out the night we will have one band melt our faces, it will be NYEE Christmas on Mars Freak out!

If your interested please email me at weirddestinyproductions@gmail.com

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