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(Same info that is in the flash "ABOUT")
Draw! Sucka Draw!
is a group of students and professionals that get together once a week to draw at the Black Lotus Brewery in Clawson, Michigan.

For this project, each of 5 people started a drawing and passed it to the right where the next person added to that drawing. When each person contributed to all 5 drawings, they were complete.

Finally, all 5 of the finished drawings were given a splash of color and overlapped, creating a truly unique collaboration that serves as a memory of that night and hopefully expresses the creativity in drawing for the sake of drawing.

-The 5 drawers-
Richie Yang
Miker Roll
Tyler Scarlet
Kristen Knopf
Jason Bergsieker

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The individual illustrations will be up for voting starting tomorrow! You will be able to see them in my other submissions over there on the right.


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such a cool project - came out great


this is badass!!!




Neat project. I just wish I could see more of each individual drawing. It all gets muddled together and kind of looks like a color blob.
Otherwise, it's really neat and it made me smile to see that it came from so close to home.

NomadSlim profile pic Artist

Hey, it has some fans! Thanks guys.

I agree, lemonsmirk, that it does look like a color blob at first glance. But if you look at one of the colors and focus on it, the drawings start to come out of it, which I think gives it some charm.

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

it's a really great idea but i don't think it came together that well either.
also the individual drawings seem to me like there wasn't as much collaboration going on as i had hoped to see from the first slide. everyone seemed to have stayed in their own corner and each drew one character (from the looks of it). it would have been really neat to see something a bit more 'exquisite corpse' like.

NomadSlim profile pic Artist

Ginette, you're just a pedophile and don't know what you're talking about.

Actually, I agree with you almost completely. I wish there was more 'working together' but we had to start somewhere...

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

hahaha, i was weirdly taken aback when i read that because for a moment i forgot whose comment it was.

but no i totally understand and it was a really good first go. collaborating in drawings is sort of tough sometimes because of not really knowing the etiquette of collaborations (like people being afraid of drawing over someone else's lines etc)

i do hope you try this again though!


Great project, but I like the designs individually much better. Each of the 5 parts are so good that they lose something when all on top of each other like that. 3$

Tonteau profile pic Alumni

It's a nice idea that doesn't quite work as a whole. Maybe it would look better if you dropped the trasparency of each layer down so you could see what's underneath?

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