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Cool idea, but, I don't know, it seems like somethings missing.


I really love your style.... not sure about the white background design element. 5


LOVE the fish-ship. Don't think it needs the background shape... or it should be something more ethereal.

herky profile pic Alumni

nice illustration


It's awesmoe, I think what's missing is detail and less symmetry in the background shape. Otherwise, Bravo, I'd but it.


i love it, besides the white swirl in the background. but still a 4$


Really neat, but would it be possible to have a fish-ship with two dorsal fins? As a zoologist, I don't think I could bring myself to wear an anatomically incorrect tshirt. Otherwise, it'd be a $5!!


I just love this illustration...magical!

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

As pickledbib said, the white shapes are not useful. Otherwise nice illustration.

Luke... profile pic Alumni

great illustration, i woul love to see the backgroud white be more detailed and abundant

Alex M. Solefish

I really love this concept, but while I think there should be some sort of background, the white blurb just doesn't feel right.


I think it's totally perfect the way it is - the background swirl sort of looks like a flourish on text from an old design manual. Perhaps from the manual on how to design such an awesome ship. $5

.onion profile pic Alumni

The background design is somewhat plain... I think it should be as detailed as the ship :D Or at least a little less thick and bland.


front of deck of "ship" seems a little awkward

ladykat profile pic Alumni

i didn't see this when it was up for scoring, but it's amazing

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