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Fish in a Blender

Design by thegoodpope

Fish in a Blender by thegoodpope on Threadless
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thegoodpope profile pic Artist

To celebrate Threadless Day, I'm not only submitting my first design of 2011 (I know, but a newborn will keep you pretty busy), but I am also submitting my first collaboration!

"Fish in a Blender" is collaboration between Akru (aka: Alex Krueger, and a first time submitter) and myself. Akru is responsible for the concept and original artwork, while I cleaned it up a couple things and did all the necessary illustrator stuff. This is an 8 colour design and it looks fantastic on a number of different colour tees.

We hope you like it!

L-M-N-O-P profile pic Alumni

Nice improvised fishtank. And yes, don't start the blender.


like it..


like it..

Anything Goes
Anything Goes profile pic Alumni

Nooooo, nice design

Mr Vela

:) i like it, nice illo 5$


Great work! ;)


This is a 2D representation of Evaristti's work entitled Helena.

I don't like the original concept either.

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